Performance Management

Totally HR will help devise and implement a performance management and appraisal structure built around your organisation and people.

It will focus on the activities of each job role that make the most meaningful impact on company performance.  Clearly setting out responsibilities, goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s) will enable the individual employee and line manager to measure their performance.

With the emphasis on clarity, practicality and ease of use, Totally HR will provide user friendly documents as bespoke templates with your company logo, as well as training your managers on how to use the process and achieve maximum operational impact.

To provide a comprehensive Performance Management system, we will:

  • Write a detailed and clearly defined Job Description for each employee.
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators specific to each role.
  • Develop a tailor made appraisal written specifically for each role within the organisation.
  • Provide full training for line managers on how to conduct the appraisal interview.
  • Run workshops for employees to ensure they get the most out of the process.

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