Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook helps employees to understand what is expected of them.

The handbook provides greater detail in respect of the Company’s policies, procedures, standards and general rules of employment.  Totally HR will help you create a bespoke handbook that dovetails with your contracts of employment and is easy for all staff to understand and interpret.  Because it is built around your business it will be seen as both relevant and useful to managers and employees.

Clearly written and structured, the handbook will help employees understand how you expect them to conduct themselves and the standards they need to attain.  The handbook should be used as an on-going reference book as it will also include employment policies and procedures required by law (e.g. disciplinary and grievance procedures) as well as policies relating to statutory rights (e.g. maternity, flexible working etc).

Both the Employee Handbook and Contract of Employment can be tailored to meet the specific demands of your organisation, whilst also containing other essential yet general information.

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