If you identify that your company needs to restructure or reduce staff costs you need to act swiftly and purposefully.

Totally HR recognises how difficult the decision to make redundancies can be.  We undertake to work alongside you to transform this very stressful, emotional period into a logical, professional process, managing every level of staff with dignity and respect, and arming any surviving part of the business with the motivation, structure and clarity to move forward.

When people are well informed, treated fairly and sensitively and the process is handled professionally, the organisation combined with all of the retained personnel will be able to move on quickly and efficiently.

We will ensure that you are guided through the minefield of employment law and that your new organisation structure meets the long term needs of the business.  The support we offer includes:

  • A review of the business needs and development of the new organisation structure
  • Advice and guidance on employment law relating to redundancies
  • Preparation of all documentation and letters
  • Attendance at consultation meetings
  • Assisting managers with the implementation of the process
  • Rebuilding morale with the remaining team
  • Outplacement support including psychometric profiling, CV preparation, interview techniques and career guidance for staff leaving.

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