Disciplinary and Grievance

If things do go wrong, dealing with grievances and disciplinary matters in the correct way is essential.

Clearly written policies that comply with employment law and are fair to all parties are the foundations of good human resource management.  Just as important is how you follow the policies in practice.  That way your team will see that you are committed to fairness.

Employment Tribunals can be unforgiving of companies that fail to follow their own policies and those that have inadequate policies in place.  Totally HR offers the peace of mind that policies are effective, legally compliant and are being followed appropriately.

Situations may and do arise where you need to ‘exit’ individuals from your organisation and this must be managed correctly to avoid potential litigation.  Totally HR is able to provide support and guidance with regard to:

  • Conflict Management
  • Dismissal/Termination of Employment
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Employment Tribunal Management and Representation

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