Absence Management

How much sickness absence is acceptable? How should you deal with somebody who seems to take too much time off?

It is estimated that employee absence can cost employers around 16% of their annual payroll budget.  Planned and unplanned absence can affect staff morale, disrupt the work of others and reduce the quality of work outputs.  However, sickness levels can be reduced through the use of good management techniques.  We can help you to implement tailored policies and processes that support a healthy and efficient working environment, as well as practical tools to increase attendance in your organisation.

Effective measurement of attendance, clear written guidelines, consideration of employee wellbeing and adequate training for staff and managers are essential to keeping absence levels low.

Whether you have an immediate problem, an employee you suspect is taking advantage, or one that has a genuine medical condition that you are finding difficult to manage, we can guide you to reach a fair outcome.  We can also work strategically to identify and understand more fundamental issues in the business which might be leading to high absenteeism, and help you manage holidays and family related absences.

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