Top tip for September… Exercise your brain!

Many studies have shown that, much like muscles, our brains atrophy if not kept properly engaged, potentially leading to earlier onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other mental illnesses.

Encourage your employees to give their brains a workout by avoiding the calculator and doing sums in their heads. (They can always cheat by double checking their maths afterwards if they need to!) As with most things, the more we practice mental arithmetic the better we become and the less we need to rely on our calculators.

Instead of staring at their phones during their breaks or surfing the internet for the latest sensations, why not encourage employees to exercise their brains instead by:

  • solving problems e.g. crossword puzzles, word games, logic problems or sudoku puzzles;
  • learning or practicing a new language;
  • turning their hand to knitting or crochet (the more complex the pattern the better!)