How diverse is your workplace?

Astonishingly it is estimated that increasing workplace diversity could boost the UK economy by £24 billion per year. How diverse is your workplace?

As employers we need to recognise and embrace the differences in our people that can help our businesses to thrive. We are all shaped by our backgrounds, values, beliefs, mindsets and life experiences which all combine to make us unique as individuals.

Teams are often formed with the aim of encouraging cooperation, togetherness and collaboration but is this always the best way? There is a risk that “groupthink” could start to limit creativity and reinforce a cycle of doing things the way they have always been done. 

Just imagine what could happen if we dared to shake things up and do things differently. We should be brave enough to create diverse teams that challenge each other’s perceptions and share the benefits of their varied experiences and view points. Diverse teams are likely to be more innovative in their approach to problem solving. In today’s world innovation is key to success.

So why not think again about the individuals that could fit into your business and help it to thrive? Challenge your preconceptions and think about the positives that could be introduced by treating every single person as an individual with unique and special qualities to offer.

This was summed up brilliantly by Hazel McLaughlin at the recent Hays/Ashtons Annual HR conference when she said “involvement matters. This is not about minorities but including everyone in the majority”.”